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Vision and Mission


A Global leader in STEM based learning.

SST will have Applied Project Learning at its heart, within a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) based curriculum. We will build core competencies through a rich programme of both formal and informal learning. Our students will graduate with the skills equipped to make a full contribution to the challenging and rapidly changing 21st Century environment. SST will stand out as a school built on a fundamentally different premise. Students will learn by thinking and doing, a combination of mind and hand (taken from Mens et Manus – The Massachusetts Institute of Technology motto which we will replicate). Between the campus schools we will develop a symbiotic relationship and a culture of mutual support that will then be extended to employers and entrepreneurs working with our schools and to the community we serve.


To develop passionate young people with the skills to make a positive contribution to a modern Britain and the 21st Century global economy.

The heart of the SST Maidstone’s mission is to meet the needs of a rapidly changing 21st Century workforce through innovative teaching and learning. SST will build core competencies to complement academic excellence through a rich curricular and co-curricular programme.

SST students will use their knowledge to think, take risks and experiment in order to overcome challenges. They will have a sense of purpose and demonstrate core competencies through the quality of their work.

SST Maidstone graduates will leave with a highly desirable combination of outstanding academic outcomes and a unique set of core competencies combining entrepreneurship and innovation, highly developed ICT skills, research skills and internationalism.